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Monday 31 January 2005 at 20:30

When husband and wife, Jack (Hofmeyr) and Coleen (Hillebrand), decide to murder an elderly Dutch immigrant to get their hands on his European pension, they need a willing accomplice. They decide that Coleen will use her charm in their favour to try and convince Jack’s brother, Eric, to assist them.
Completely smitten with his brother’s wife, Eric falls for their plan and before long the three find themselves at the scene of a murder with a body they have to get rid of.

As usual, Jack comes up with a plan: they’ll take the body to a riverside holiday resort and feed the body to the crocodiles investing the river. However, the only way to transport the old man there is to cut him up and squeeze him into three suitcases. 

Having done that, the three catch a train and set off on their journey. Everything seems to go according to plan until a bloody trail from a leaking suitcase and a determined detective ruin their adventure.

Now, under threat of prosecution, their friendship is put to a test. Three people, three motives – who’ll win? Greed, Lust or perhaps Revenge?

This has got to be the finest local film ever. For once, a local story can be taken abroad without it completely losing context. The film, driven by writer and director, Clive Morris’ passion and ambition is a tremendous success – notwithstanding its small budget. It manages to marry great acting, a good script and excellent photography to form a film one can feel proud of. One can only hope that this indicates the beginning of something big rather than simply being something big in itself!

It’s a remarkable film!

Genre:                  Drama / Thriller

Directed By:       Clive Morris

Starring:             Steve Hofmeyr - Candice Hillebrand - Gideon Emery - Ben Kruger - Wikus du Toit
Cloud Callout: BUY THE DVD HERE
Cloud Callout: BUY THE DVD HERE

Two brothers, Jack (STEVE HOFMEYR) and Eric (GIDEON EMERY), have been brought up in the way of the Lord.


When Jack and his beautiful wife Colleen (CANDICE HILLEBRAND) are evicted from their home, Colleen asks Eric to persuade his flatmate Uncle Angel (ANTHONY FRIDJHON) to allow the couple to stay with them for a few days. Eric is unable to resist her, but after they move into the living room they make themselves unwelcome.


Having lost all the money they have borrowed from Uncle Angel to go to the casino, the three are caught stealing from his bank account and the old man kicks them all out.


When Jack discovers that the Uncle Angel’s living on a Dutch pension (that Eric draws on his behalf), he hatches a plan to kill the old Dutchman in order to collect the money for themselves. A reluctant Eric, is convinced to go along with the plan by his sister-in-law, who is not shy to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants.


Colleen and Jack call the seventy year old Uncle Angel into the living room. Jack suddenly turns around and smashes a large glass bottled boat over his head. Jack comes up with a plan to get rid of the body. They will feed his body to the crocs at an upcountry holiday resort. The only way to transport the copse there though, is to cut him up into pieces and squeeze him into three suitcases.


All is on track until the one suitcase begins to leak blood - in a panic - they throw it out the window.

A train driver spots the torso that has been flung out of the suitcase, and calls in the police.


Utilising clever detective work, an overweight, ingenious police officer, Captain Bushy (BEN KRUGER) captures the three. However, with no witnesses, Jack pleads self defence, and the only way to make murder charges stick is if they can persuade one of the three to turn State Witness.


The prosecutor talks Colleen into spilling the beans on her husband and his brother. They are both convicted of murder and she gets off free. Jack is mad with his wife for her betrayal.


Whilst in jail, Jack pretends to be ill and is taken to the infirmary where he holds up a doctor and escapes. When Bushy hears he knows that Jack is heading straight for his wife. They both race towards her, but Jack gets there first. Bushy arrives just in time to save Colleens life but has to kill Jack to do so.

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